Chipper at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center!


“Well, I had received a call a few years back from Jimmy Osmond, the youngest of the well known Osmond Brothers.  He’s a great guy and he basically presented with a deal I couldn’t refuse!  LOL!”
Jimmy explained that he has just purchased the 2,200 seat Andy Williams Theater in Branson, MO, and wanted Chipper to be the comedy star of the Osmond Bros. show.
“I was thankful that he asked far in advance, so it didn’t interfere with my touring calendar or corporate bookings.   There were two things that made me say ‘yes’…One was working with the Osmonds, along with other headliners and celebrities who rotated in and out of the show.  And two was that it would take place in the premiere venue on the Branson strip – Andy Williams Theater was a beautiful venue, including the amazing landscaping that included a variety of plants, trees, bridges and walkways, and even a large Koi pond.   I absolutely LOVED working that stage, filled with around 2,000 people each evening.”
Within the first week of shows, Chipper took Jimmy off to the side and suggested that he rename the theater to the “Andy Williams Performing Arts Center“, thereby continuing to cement the legendary venue even further into the next decade as the ‘premiere’ entertainment complex in all of Branson and surrounding cities.  Jimmy agreed and the new name was established, honoring Andy himself and all those who graced its massive stage.
“I wound up performing there on and off over a three year period, with wonderful audiences, an amazing live band, and the best stage crew on the planet.  The shows included THE HITS!, Christmas Spectacular, and Moon River and Me.  Jimmy and the other producers were wonderful in working with my crazy schedule, and I wound up appearing alongside not only the Osmond Brothers, but also other singers and artists such as the Lennon Sisters, Colin Raye, and Mary Wilson.
Since then, Chipper’s touring schedule has kept him far away from the Branson scene, but he still fondly remembers all of the dear friends he made while performing there.
UPDATE:  Last we heard, the beautiful venue was up for sale, as the Osmonds had moved onto other endeavors and projects,  in addition to performing more overseas.   Curious to see what happens to it, as it is truly a lovely building and quite the state-of-the-art theater.  Cheers!


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