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Chipper was one of the first artists the producers of Masters of Illusion asked for when they were first creating their popular television series. Now in its 10th season, Chipper has appeared multiple times each and every year, presenting original comedy & magic routines for their studio audiences.
“I think what’s the most fun is to tape an all-new segment for the show, and directly afterwards members of the crew come up and ask me HOW I did what I just did!  Ha!  I’ve heard of them replaying the piece again and again in the control room, hoping to ‘catch’ any sneaky moves.   I love it!”
Audiences also love what he does, especially his unique take on classical magic routines, or completely original, one-of-a-kind effects that Chipper has dreamed up, special, for the international TV series.
“I’m a huge fan of being able to perform in front of a studio audience.  It’s our way of showing that absolutely no ‘trick photography’ or ‘camera tricks’ were utilized during the shows.  Season 9 aired in 2023, and we’ve just recently taped Season 10 a few weeks ago!   The 10th season will air near the end of 2023 and into 2024.”
Each year, Chipper takes 3-4 months before each TV taping of the show to work on the brand new routines.  “I’m jotting down new ideas constantly, both on the laptop and in several notebooks.  I usually focus on 8-10 ideas and then start working out the logistics and practicality of the effects.  Can the seemingly ‘impossible’ be accomplished?  Will it look good to an audience?  More importantly, will it be funny, engaging and entertaining?  It’s not just the magic itself, but also how it’s framed, the patter, the stage blocking, quality of the new props that need to be built and so much more.   If I’m still interested in the routine after working on it for several weeks, then I know it’s probably a good contender for the show.”
Many of Chipper’s original ideas that pop up on episodes of Masters Of Illusion (on the CW Network, and other channels worldwide) also find their way into Chipper’s popular corporate events, and even his own critically-acclaimed, solo show which tours performing arts centers throughout the U.S. and Canada.
He has also been asked from time to time to customize his original magic for sales meetings, product roll-outs, and trade show events.   His magic is very visual, eye-catching, jaw-dropping, and attract a continuous flow of attendees to his client’s trade show booths.
“I feel honored to be able to do this for a living,” sez Chipper, “And to provide that really unique and memorable experience for my corporate clients.   Especially grateful to the reactions my shows receive and the word-of-mouth that spreads.  Ultimately, It’s my job to make sure that my clients and their company SHINE.  And that kind of work is very rewarding and fulfilling.  I love it!”

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