Canadian Tour Gets Raves! Chipper ‘WOWS!’ Audiences with Plenty of Laughs!

“We like to joke that it’s the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’!,” sez Chipper, referring to the most recent theater-hopping all over the provinces of Canada.   It’s “Masters Of Illusion – LIVE!”, the incredible stage production that continues to tour all over the world.
“It was great fun to once again perform at some of the most amazing theaters that Canada has to offer!  A few of them could seat up to 3,000 fans of magic, and even they were sold out.  It’s so much fun to bring my trunk of tricks and entertain these amazing crowds.  The best part was working with other artists that I love and respect, and to hang with them before and after the shows, and on the bus.”
The ‘bus’ was actually more of a rock-&-roll tour bus, stocked with flat screen TVs, lounges, a kitchen, and beds for everyone, especially useful if they had back to back shows in different towns, one day after another.
“Yep, we’d just simply ‘crash’, and by the time we woke up, several hundred miles later, we’d find ourselves parked at the loading dock of the next theater.  We’d drag ourselves out of our beds, crawl into the theaters, and start unpacking and tech’ing the show for that evening performance.   It can be exhausting with a tight touring schedule, but somehow it’s also exhilarating and the audiences wind up giving US their energy!  There’s nothing like it!”
This was Chipper’s 11th time touring across the Canada, not only with Masters Of Illusion – LIVE! multiple times, but also “Magic ‘n Miracles” (produced by Murray & Teresa Hatfield), and the large-scale stage production, “UNBELIEVABLE!” (A Hatfield production), for a special engagement at the 9,000 seat PNE Arena for 16 evening performances.
“I absolutely LOVE Canadian audiences.  They have a great sense of humor and truly love magic and being surprised by the unusual and visual aspects of comedy magic and illusion.  I jump up to Canada quite a lot these days for corporate and special events.  Companies fly me in to entertain or present talks to their employees or convention attendees and it’s been a great fit working with them to help them achieve their goals.  Anything I can do to help is what I provide and they seem to relish the commitment I have to each of the projects I’ve worked on.  Forever grateful!”


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