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Thank you, 2023! It’s been a BLAST!


As we head into the last months of 2023, I can’t help but look back and be thankful for a wonderful roller coaster of tour dates, corporate shows and special events.   If that weren’t enough, we taped Season 10 of MASTERS OF ILLUSION on the CW network back in JAN/FEB and it’s now airing on Monday nights on the network for the next 5-6 months.   I created new pieces of magic for that wonderful series, and I can’t believe I’ve been a guest star of the show for all 10 seasons!  Wow!

One word:  Gratitude.

And yes, as with everyone else roaming this planet, there were ups and downs, trials and tribulations, but there is always a way to look at things with a sense of gratitude and sincere thankfulness to those silver linings that pop up even in the worst of times.   I try to live by a sense of gratitude every day, because life is short and the only way to truly live your best life is by trying to help those around us, hopefully making things better for all.

During this year, I continued working with Disney Cruise Lines, bringing my solo show to their spectacular Walt Disney Theaters onboard their highly unique ships.   Most of this past summer I traveled to Canada and Alaska for Disney, and the passengers were so wonderful!  Fantastic audiences every cruise!!!  And Thank you all for the many thoughtful rave reviews and comments, both in person and online.  Wow!


I’ve been having fun creating some brand new pieces especially designed for those performances, including a unique slide show segment talking about my Mom and Dad’s careers in show business, and my brother and I traveling around the world with them.   The Disney connection is very cool when it comes to our family, because near the beginning of my career I performed at Disneyland in Anaheim for 4 years before appearing in casino shows in Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas.  And my Dad worked at Disneyland starting wayyyyyyyyyy back in 1962, initially as a skipper on the Jungle Cruise ride, and then the Tiki Room, before moving up the ladder into Administration and eventually the Entertainment Dept.  A few years later he was working for the Disney Company at the New York World’s Fair, and a few years later our whole family toured with the mega arena show, DISNEY ON PARADE, globetrotting across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia and New Zealand.  Pretty cool stuff.  (But as a kid I just assumed that EVERY KID traveled on shows all over the world.  LOL!  What did I know?  🙂 )

My tours on land were also quite fun and a reminder what I missed out on during the pandemic shut down.  We were STILL wrapping up dates that had been postponed more than once during that time.   Audiences were so appreciative, and I felt like a kid in a candy store.

As I write this, I’m wrapping up a two-week run in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  The weather is turning cold, and there were a little snow flurries here and there, but the Loft Theater has been filled to the brim each and every show.   After this, I jump on another Disney cruise, and then wrap up the rest of the year with a series of corporate and holiday shows.

Before I end this particular blog, I have to tell you about meeting one of my huge idols ever!   None other than the legend himself, Mr. Dick Van Dyke!!!   I couldn’t believe it!   He’s a young 97 years of age, and still smart and sharp as as whip!  We were able to chat briefly about physical comedy and my Dad’s career in the ’50s as one of the ‘old school’, classic clowns on Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus!    Photo below, taken backstage at the famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles where I was headlining their main room.

And so, a TOAST to the end of this year, and the beginning of new adventures in 2024!!!  Hope to see you in my travels and if you read this and happen to catch one of my shows, please say hi afterwards.  I always try to do a ‘meet & greet’ with everyone that shows up.  Why?….. You know why…..



Chipper     🙂

Canadian Tour Gets Raves! Chipper ‘WOWS!’ Audiences with Plenty of Laughs!

“We like to joke that it’s the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’!,” sez Chipper, referring to the most recent theater-hopping all over the provinces of Canada.   It’s “Masters Of Illusion – LIVE!”, the incredible stage production that continues to tour all over the world.
“It was great fun to once again perform at some of the most amazing theaters that Canada has to offer!  A few of them could seat up to 3,000 fans of magic, and even they were sold out.  It’s so much fun to bring my trunk of tricks and entertain these amazing crowds.  The best part was working with other artists that I love and respect, and to hang with them before and after the shows, and on the bus.”
The ‘bus’ was actually more of a rock-&-roll tour bus, stocked with flat screen TVs, lounges, a kitchen, and beds for everyone, especially useful if they had back to back shows in different towns, one day after another.
“Yep, we’d just simply ‘crash’, and by the time we woke up, several hundred miles later, we’d find ourselves parked at the loading dock of the next theater.  We’d drag ourselves out of our beds, crawl into the theaters, and start unpacking and tech’ing the show for that evening performance.   It can be exhausting with a tight touring schedule, but somehow it’s also exhilarating and the audiences wind up giving US their energy!  There’s nothing like it!”
This was Chipper’s 11th time touring across the Canada, not only with Masters Of Illusion – LIVE! multiple times, but also “Magic ‘n Miracles” (produced by Murray & Teresa Hatfield), and the large-scale stage production, “UNBELIEVABLE!” (A Hatfield production), for a special engagement at the 9,000 seat PNE Arena for 16 evening performances.
“I absolutely LOVE Canadian audiences.  They have a great sense of humor and truly love magic and being surprised by the unusual and visual aspects of comedy magic and illusion.  I jump up to Canada quite a lot these days for corporate and special events.  Companies fly me in to entertain or present talks to their employees or convention attendees and it’s been a great fit working with them to help them achieve their goals.  Anything I can do to help is what I provide and they seem to relish the commitment I have to each of the projects I’ve worked on.  Forever grateful!”


Atlantic City Review! – Chipper Lowell in “Masters Of Illusion – LIVE!” at HARRAH’S RESORT!

Most recently, Chipper returned to Atlantic City as one of the stars of “Masters Of Illusion – LIVE!”.  This international touring show will be presented for a 13-week run at the beautiful Concert Theater at Harrah’s Resort!   The venue seats approximately 1,800, and provides the perfect place to witness magic LIVE and in person!
“This is our second time bringing this show to Harrahs in A.C., and the response was so great the first time that we were asked back the following year.   What’s even better is that I brought a whole new ‘bag of tricks’ with me the second time around.  New magic, new fun, and new stage illusions!”
Chipper started his amazing career a few decades before and just a few blocks away from Harrahs.  His very first ‘revue’ show was at Resorts International Casino, where he wound up starring in several stage productions over the next 3 years.  He has also performed in shows at the Showboat Casino and the legendary Tropicana Casino along the boardwalk.
“I had so much fun in those early days, still learning my craft, and understanding the wants and needs of the audiences.  My very first spot in a show was only 9 minutes long, but over the years it has expanded to 20-30 min. sets in the show!  And with new material each and every year!”
One of the reviews for recent “Masters Of Illusion – LIVE!” appeared in BETTORS INSIDER.  The official gambling and casino magazine for the A.C. area.  Here’s a quick excerpt:
In addition to long-term engagements like this one at Harrahs, Masters Of Illusion – LIVE! also tours extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

“Harrah’s’ focus on hocus-pocus – What’s summer in Atlantic City without a gaming hall magic show?…

“This year’s entry is Masters of Illusion—The Live Tour, staged at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Breezy, family-friendly entertainment. The presentation showcases three wizards, Michael Turco, Chipper Lowell and Dan Sperry. Each brings a different style along with a high degree of technical proficiency.

Lowell presents himself as a hyper-caffeinated wiseacre. Wonderfully zany!  He is a first-rate and funny entertainer and a joy to watch, especially when he is (frequently) interacting with audience members!”


Chipper at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center!


“Well, I had received a call a few years back from Jimmy Osmond, the youngest of the well known Osmond Brothers.  He’s a great guy and he basically presented with a deal I couldn’t refuse!  LOL!”
Jimmy explained that he has just purchased the 2,200 seat Andy Williams Theater in Branson, MO, and wanted Chipper to be the comedy star of the Osmond Bros. show.
“I was thankful that he asked far in advance, so it didn’t interfere with my touring calendar or corporate bookings.   There were two things that made me say ‘yes’…One was working with the Osmonds, along with other headliners and celebrities who rotated in and out of the show.  And two was that it would take place in the premiere venue on the Branson strip – Andy Williams Theater was a beautiful venue, including the amazing landscaping that included a variety of plants, trees, bridges and walkways, and even a large Koi pond.   I absolutely LOVED working that stage, filled with around 2,000 people each evening.”
Within the first week of shows, Chipper took Jimmy off to the side and suggested that he rename the theater to the “Andy Williams Performing Arts Center“, thereby continuing to cement the legendary venue even further into the next decade as the ‘premiere’ entertainment complex in all of Branson and surrounding cities.  Jimmy agreed and the new name was established, honoring Andy himself and all those who graced its massive stage.
“I wound up performing there on and off over a three year period, with wonderful audiences, an amazing live band, and the best stage crew on the planet.  The shows included THE HITS!, Christmas Spectacular, and Moon River and Me.  Jimmy and the other producers were wonderful in working with my crazy schedule, and I wound up appearing alongside not only the Osmond Brothers, but also other singers and artists such as the Lennon Sisters, Colin Raye, and Mary Wilson.
Since then, Chipper’s touring schedule has kept him far away from the Branson scene, but he still fondly remembers all of the dear friends he made while performing there.
UPDATE:  Last we heard, the beautiful venue was up for sale, as the Osmonds had moved onto other endeavors and projects,  in addition to performing more overseas.   Curious to see what happens to it, as it is truly a lovely building and quite the state-of-the-art theater.  Cheers!


Watch Chipper on TV’s Popular “Masters of Illusion!”

Chipper was one of the first artists the producers of Masters of Illusion asked for when they were first creating their popular television series. Now in its 10th season, Chipper has appeared multiple times each and every year, presenting original comedy & magic routines for their studio audiences.
“I think what’s the most fun is to tape an all-new segment for the show, and directly afterwards members of the crew come up and ask me HOW I did what I just did!  Ha!  I’ve heard of them replaying the piece again and again in the control room, hoping to ‘catch’ any sneaky moves.   I love it!”
Audiences also love what he does, especially his unique take on classical magic routines, or completely original, one-of-a-kind effects that Chipper has dreamed up, special, for the international TV series.
“I’m a huge fan of being able to perform in front of a studio audience.  It’s our way of showing that absolutely no ‘trick photography’ or ‘camera tricks’ were utilized during the shows.  Season 9 aired in 2023, and we’ve just recently taped Season 10 a few weeks ago!   The 10th season will air near the end of 2023 and into 2024.”
Each year, Chipper takes 3-4 months before each TV taping of the show to work on the brand new routines.  “I’m jotting down new ideas constantly, both on the laptop and in several notebooks.  I usually focus on 8-10 ideas and then start working out the logistics and practicality of the effects.  Can the seemingly ‘impossible’ be accomplished?  Will it look good to an audience?  More importantly, will it be funny, engaging and entertaining?  It’s not just the magic itself, but also how it’s framed, the patter, the stage blocking, quality of the new props that need to be built and so much more.   If I’m still interested in the routine after working on it for several weeks, then I know it’s probably a good contender for the show.”
Many of Chipper’s original ideas that pop up on episodes of Masters Of Illusion (on the CW Network, and other channels worldwide) also find their way into Chipper’s popular corporate events, and even his own critically-acclaimed, solo show which tours performing arts centers throughout the U.S. and Canada.
He has also been asked from time to time to customize his original magic for sales meetings, product roll-outs, and trade show events.   His magic is very visual, eye-catching, jaw-dropping, and attract a continuous flow of attendees to his client’s trade show booths.
“I feel honored to be able to do this for a living,” sez Chipper, “And to provide that really unique and memorable experience for my corporate clients.   Especially grateful to the reactions my shows receive and the word-of-mouth that spreads.  Ultimately, It’s my job to make sure that my clients and their company SHINE.  And that kind of work is very rewarding and fulfilling.  I love it!”

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